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    If you love to talk and meet real Spaniards, this six-day stay in a 4 star resort outside Madrid could be just for you.......................

    All it costs is CONVERSATION!!!!

    Yes, it is true.  We made a decision that it was time to volunteer.  We did our research and found a fabulous program in Spain in which we exchanged English conversation with Spanish executives that wanted to improve their English.  Six days at  a four star resort outside of Madrid (two programs at different locations) including all meals and wine at lunch and dinner for free. 

    You speak for at least 10 hours per day.  You (known as Anglos from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand) are speaking one on one for an hour with up to 6 Spaniards a day.  Of course, the program is very organized so you know exactly what is expected of you.  You eat all meals with the Spaniards and in the evening there is time for fun!  Group activities & a bit of amateur theatre bring some respite from speaking all day. 

    By the end of the six days, it is obvious that fluency in English is just one of the outcomes for participants.  Friendships are formed and details exchanged.  You have found some wonderful new friends that you are bound to keep part of your life.

    Of course, we then proceeded to Greece after our week in Spain and enjoyed a week sailing in the Greek Islands.  I highly recommend combining your volunteer vacation with a cruise in the Med.  What could be better.  



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